Cabrio Z

Cassini I x Calato Z

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Year of Birth:
BWP, Holst, SF, Z
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About Cabrio Z (Cabrio VD Heffinck)

With Olivier Philippaerts in the saddle Cabrio Z has won the Nations Cup final in Barcelona, the Nations Cup in Aachen and even the prestigious ‘Million-Dollar Grand Prix’ of Calgary, Spruce Meadows! Winning such a competition takes a horse with capacity, a strong canter and stamina. And Cabrio Z has all that in abundance! Cabrio Z was the ideal partner for the young Olivier Philippaerts, who could always be counted on and who propelled his career into fifth gear! As a sport horse Cabrio Z was an exceedingly reliable partner and he passes this trait on to his progeny; Hector van d’Abdijhoeve, Hadja van Orshof, Laurien van Orshof, … all Cabrio Z offspring who jump at the highest level, sport lots of courage and will go through fire for their riders. A study of Cabrio Z’s pedigree reveals the Capitol I blood on both the paternal as well as the maternal side, which has undoubtedly contributed to this stallion’s capacity and gallop. So it is not surprising that Cabrio Z is best paired to careful, blood-bred mares.

Million-Dollar Grand Prix Winner!

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