Cumano Alpha Z

Cassini I x Landgraf I

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About Cumano Alpha Z

*** Cumano Alpha Z is available for ICSI Only ***

The late Cumano Alpha Z, clone of World Champion Cumano, is still available for frozen insemination and ICSI in the USA. The mighty grey was the spitting image of his original and demonstrated the same impressive capacity and mentality in the arena. Cumano jumped the Olympic Games of Hong Kong with Jos Lansink and became World Champion in Aachen in 2006. He was dubbed to be one of the best showjumpers ever and owed his successes to his enormous capacity, spacious gallop, balance and technique. These assets also surface in Cumano’s offspring. A stunning 32 of his descendants jump at 1.60m level, the best-known being Nasa, Noblesse des Tess and Neptune Brecour. All three stem from Cumano’s ‘French period’ around the change of the century and were born from pure-bred Selle Français mares sporting heaps of blood. For high-blooded mares that could use stronger builds, size and capacity Cumano Alpha Z is STILL a superior match!

In The Footsteps of Cumano!

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