Dominator 2000 Z Implanted Embryo

Dominator 2000 Z x L'Arc de Triomphe x Saphir D'Elle
Expected Registration: Zangersheide

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About This Embryo In Utero

The mother of this embryo is our mare, Souris de Dime Della Loggia by L’Arc de Triomphe. She is a 1.45m performance mare from 1.60m Olympic mother (Dime de la Cour). This mother line is well established in both sport and production. Souris is a WFFS carrier and so this embryo has a 50/50 chance to be a carrier as well.

Dominator 2000 Z needs no introduction himself. He is a formidable rival in the ring for every rider and every horse in the highest echelon of the sport. For years he and Christian Ahlmann have been dominating the top of thesport scene and their roll of honor continues to grow. Dominator offspring dominate at every youngster competition thanks to their technique and huge capacity in jumping, which in many cases is identical to their father’s. This foal is sure to be a future phenom!

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