Hobbit Interagro

Bungo Interagro x Larapio

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Quick Info

Year of Birth:
16 hands
APSL, Oldenburg GOV
WFFS Status:

About Hobbit Interagro

Hobbit Interagro is the 2023 All-Breeds Open Grand Prix Champion! He is an exceptional FEI International Grand Prix Dressage Stallion with Grand Prix scores up to 72%! Hobbit offers pure elegance, exceptional rideability, while oozing presence and talent.

Hobbit is Homozygous BLACK, with a 50% chance of producing a gray offspring. He is a (****) Recommended Stallion for dressage by APSL with 76 points. The Oldenburg Horse Breeder’s Society (GOV) has also approved him for Stallion Book I.

His offspring display amazing character, beautiful confirmation, and powerful movement! Breeders of Hobbit’s offspring frequently comment about their intelligence and trainability.

“Hobbit’s quiet nature, yet proud stallion presence has always captured my attention.  He is a very generous horse, has a great spirit of sacrifice, and amazing disposition.”
Jade Watts, Owner

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