Taloubet Z

Galoubet A x Polydor

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Holst, Z
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About Taloubet Z

His farewell was completely true to form and is etched in everyone’s memory. It was the 21st of January 2018 when Taloubet Z cantered into the international arena for the very last time. It was a farewell in his very own unique way: by winning, when the pressure is at its peak.  

That final victory in the World Cup of Leipzig marked the end of an imposing sport career. An amazing three times he won the World Cup in Leipzig, including the 2011 World Cup Final. This victory takes pride of place on his mantelpiece among his other impressive memorabilia, together with an Olympic Bronze medal from Rio de Janeiro and World Cup wins in Stuttgart, Mechelen and Madrid. The numbers are extraordinary: 105 five-star starts, 45 World Cups, 26 international victories and 9 championships. And unparalleled prize-moneys of more than two million.

In the sport he was lavished with praise for his intelligence, motor, power and brains. In breeding he is the perfect balance between sharpness and smartness. Look at the 1.60m qualified Aloubet KV, Taloubetdarco K Z, Tabalou PS and the Zangersheide stallion Take a Chance on Me Z. Everyone will realise that Taloubet Z will stand the test of time via his offspring.

Olympic Bronze Multimillionaire!

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