Ansingh de Lis Z

Aganix Du Seigneur Z x Kannan

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About Ansingh de Lis Z

The offspring of our stallions deserve extra attention and especially so when they jump themselves into the picture like the Ansingh de Lis Z offspring do. A son of Aganix du Seigneur Z with great prospects, we secured him for our Stud farm in 2022 and he is still living up to those expectations.  

With Christian Ahlmann in the saddle, the 6-year-old Ansingh de Lis Z has so far treated us to nothing but fault free rounds in his first international appearances. In the coming years he’ll get the time he needs to bring his qualities to maximum fruition. Christian Ahlmann has pointed out that he feels this stallion has the potential to progress into a real star.  

In that case he will be in good company when looking at some of his close relatives. Dam Isabella de Lis is the sister of the 1.60m showjumpers Uppie de Lis (Haylay Waters) and Willink who, a duo with Henk van de Pol, wrote the Grands Prix of Drammen, Asten and Gijon to his name.  

Ansingh de Lis Z is a high-legged, blood-bred stallion who combines fantastic technique with speed and capacity. At this age we’ll give him plenty of time and when he shines in the international spotlights some time down the line, you have timely made sure to be in on the game ahead of the hype.

Latching On Before The Hype!

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