Dieu Merci Van T&L Z

Toulon x Corrado I

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Year of Birth:
BWP, Old
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About Dieu Merci Van T&L Z

Diva van het Cauterhof Z (Martin Fuchs), Okinawa van de Meerhoeve (Benjamin Pieters), Kos (Jean Luc Mourier) and Ona van ‘t Veldeken (Elisa Strubbe). This is merely a small selection of the Dieu Merci van T&L Z offspring who have all progressed to four- and five-star Grand Prix. Amazing performances considering they all stem from the first two year collections (2014 – 2015) of this Toulon son.

His own career in the sport is no less amazing. Under Frederic Vernaet’s saddle he claimed victory in the Grand Prix of Beervelde in 2019, after which he continued his career with rider Eric Lamaze who steered him to a third place in the Global of Doha. When Beth Underhill took over the reins Dieu Merci van T&L Z kept scoring, with wins like for instance in the Grand Prix of La Baule.  

Being a brother of the 1.45m classified stallion Quincerot van T&L and the 1.45m jumping Numeriek van T&L, his close relations also prove to achieve international sport performances that provide confirmation for breeders.

So Dieu Merci van T&L Z has already proven to pass on his exemplary technique, mentality and capacity. His offspring are without exception easy to ride and popular with all types of riders.  

Elasticity And Grand Prix Experience!

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