Balou du Reventon (ICSI)

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Quick Info

Year of Birth:
SF, Z, OS, Old, Hann
WFFS Status:
Carrier (Use only with confirmed non-carrier mares)

About Balou du Reventon

*** Balou du Reventon is available for ICSI Only ***

Balou du Reventon is an outstanding stallion recognized for his exceptional talent in the sport of show jumping. Born in 2006, this striking dark bay Oldenburg stallion has garnered attention and acclaim for his remarkable athletic prowess, impressive pedigree, and consistent success in the competitive arena.  Balou du Reventon has carried 5 different riders at the pinnacle of sport, showcasing his exceptional scope, carefulness, and agility over challenging courses.  Further, has already proven himself a successful sire producing many black-type horses, including Crack Balou and Cornet’s Cambridge.

Currently available at Peterson Smith Advanced Fertility Center, Summerfield, FL.  If access needed at a different facility, please contact us.

**ICSI session fees are per mare for one session.  There are no additional fees for multiple embryos from the single session.***

Balou du Reventon In Action