Secret (ICSI)

Sezuan x St. Moritz I

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Quick Info

Year of Birth:
Dark Bay
DSP, Hann, Old, Rhein, Westf
WFFS Status:

About Secret

*** Secret is available for ICSI Only ***

Born in 2014, Secret has already proven himself an excellent choice for breeding.  With a pedigree featuring the influential sire Sezuan, Secret is known for producing horses with remarkable movements, expressive gaits, and impressive trainability. As Secret’s semen has become more scarce, ICSI emerges as a crucial avenue for breeders to continue to access to his genetics. This technology provides a unique opportunity for breeders to overcome scarcity challenges, ensuring they can still realize their dreams of producing a foal with Secret’s outstanding genetic traits, securing the legacy of excellence in dressage for future generations.

Currently available at Peterson Smith Advanced Fertility Center, Summerfield, FL.  If access needed at a different facility, please contact us.

**ICSI session fees are per mare for one session.  There are no additional fees for multiple embryos from the single session.***

Secret In Video