Chacco-Blue (ICSI)

Chambertin x Contender

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Quick Info

Year of Birth:
Hann, Old, OS, Rhein, SF, SI, SWB, Westf
WFFS Status:

About Chacco-Blue

*** Chacco-Blue is available for ICSI Only ***

Chacco-Blue is one of the most desirable stallions in the world of show jumping.  Born in 1998, this striking dark bay stallion has left a significant mark on the sport and breeding. Renowned for his exceptional athleticism, impressive conformation, and outstanding jumping ability, Chacco-Blue transmits a consistent genetic value that attracts breeders looking to enhance the quality of their offspring. Access to Chacco-Blue through ICSI offers breeders a special chance to harness the stallion’s genetic potential, contributing to the improvement of future generations.
After his amazing sport career, Levisto Z stood stud with Zangersheide, producing some of the biggest favorites of many breeders worldwide. His offspring are praised by riders for their rideability, and pleasing character. Many of his offspring compete in the international top sport, and his best yet may still be to come!

Currently available at Peterson Smith Advanced Fertility Center, Summerfield, FL.  If access needed at a different facility, please contact us.

**ICSI session fees are per mare for one session.  There are no additional fees for multiple embryos from the single session.***

Sporty, Technical, Friendly Temperament!