Comilfo Plus Z

Comme II Faut x Balou du Rouet

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Quick Info

Year of Birth:
Westf, Z
WFFS Status:
Carrier (Use only on confirmed non-carrier mares)

About Comilfo Plus Z

If riders can choose they often choose Comilfo Plus Z for their mares. This smart chestnut has everything contemporary riders dream of. His gallop was so light-footed, his jumping so athletic and above all he hugely enjoyed the sport! A horse who jumps with such ease and so much pleasure in his work only does this when this pure quality comes naturally to him. Comilfo Plus Z is the proto type of the modern sport horse. Proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree is showcased by his offspring. Comilfo Plus Z foals can easily be spotted in the herd because of their playful personalities and athletic movement. In freejumping they stand out with their extreme jumping talent and at a later age they get themselves noticed for the heaps of prize moneys they collect. Landon (ex Crack de Nyze Z) with Kent Farrington, Copycat Z with Harrie Smolders, Cordis Totalis Z with Niels Tacken… all of them modern athletes who take off with capacity and lightness, oozing quality!


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